How do I get my wedding phone?

We ship via DPD & Royal Mail for UK orders, and DHL for World Wide orders.

Do we ship to Europe, Canada, USA, Aus?

Yes no problem! International shipments are sent Tracked via DHL.

How do I get my recordings?

We are the Audio Guest Book you keep! The messages are stored on the phones internal memory storage for playback, but you can also download your messages straight from the phone! Simply plug the USB into any Windows computer and access your messages like a memory stick, it's as simple as that!

Can I record a custom greeting message?

Of course! Dial 111* on the working Rotary Dial to record your very own custom greeting message. This message will then play everytime the handset is picked up whilst in recording mode "Party Mode!" - You can re-do this as many times as you wish, even mid-event to prompt different kinds of messages from your guests!

How do I put the phone into recording mode? 'Party Mode!'

Dial 222* on the Rotary Dial and the phone will enter Recording / Party mode! This is then ready for your guests to pick up the phone, hear your greeting, and then leave you messages on!

What is Playback Mode? How Do I Use It?

Its time to listen back!! Dialling 333* via the Rotary Dial will place the phone into Playback Mode. Here you can access and listen back to your messages right from the phones built in speakers! Once in playback mode, you can add messages to your favourites, skip, go back and delete messages if you wish to do so.

Can I keep the weddingphone or is it a rental?

We are the audio guestbook you get to keep forever! Listen back in years to come and remember all your loved ones from your special day.

In the trade and interested in adding the wedding phone to your business?

Get in touch, we have official resellers of the weddingphone and enjoy working with businesses within the trade. Weddingphone's do also have a built in reset functionality, which would allow them to be used as a commercially rentable product.

What is the warrantee?

The weddingphone has a 12 month warrantee. The weddingphone would need to be sent to our office in Brighton UK for any inspections in regards to warrantee. Accidental damage is not covered by the warrantee.