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Keeping the Magic of Memories: Wedding Phone at The National Wedding Show, 15th – 16th Oct, 2022

Oct 05, 2022

Wedding Phone

Audio Wedding Guest Books - a beautiful idea, but you never get to keep the phone. 

Well… not until weddingphone stepped in with our NEW Audio Guestbook series. Check out our innovative (and generous) tech at The National Wedding Show, London Excel, on the 15th and 16th of October 2022. 

No more flimsy USBs or corruptible digital files. A weddingphone Audio Guestbook means the memories and the phone are yours to keep forever.

Why Choose Audio Over a Traditional Guest Book?

Traditional guestbooks hold the loveliest, most heartfelt comments from one of the happiest days of our lives. But, as time goes on, our memories fade. Who was the "Alan" that wrote such a sweet message all those years ago? What did he sound like?

And if you've ever been pressured to write in a wedding guestbook, you know the pain. It's getting close to midnight, and all the pens have long disappeared. Worse, the wine and dancefloor fight for your attention as you struggle to write the perfect message. 

weddingphone Audio Guest Books ditch the pen and paper. No more dodgy spelling or "champagne wobbly" handwriting. Instead, wedding parties can record messages straight from the heart whenever they like.

When everyone’s finished, the audio and the phone are for the newly-weds to keep!

Made with gorgeous 746 rotary dial phones, these "guestbooks with a difference" will add the final classy flourish to your wedding décor. Something old is sorted - only new, borrowed, and blue to go!

Vintage Look. Modern Technology.

But we have "new" covered too. Combining a vintage look with cutting-edge technology, Audio Guesbooks can hold hours of memories. Whether they're sweet, hilarious, or charmingly drunk, the voices of your nearest and dearest can be treasured forever. 

Before weddingphone, the newlyweds had to do all the work. Find and hire the technology. Pack up and send it back after the ceremony. Then wait for weeks until their messages were processed and returned via USB.

But we know how easy it is to lose a USB (from experience, sadly). So, weddingphone decided to ditch "something borrowed" and opted to give you "something to keep" instead.

The memories and the phone are all yours!

Take Home Your Vintage Phone and Recordings the Same Night

No hidden costs or pricey extra services. The messages are yours to copy and share as much as you want.

Listen to the messages on the handset, or play them to your friends via the built-in speaker. Better yet, why not share the audio files on social media? Or you could give them to a videographer for a bespoke wedding video.

Try an Audio Guest Book at The National Wedding Show, Oct 2022

The National Wedding Show team adore the idea (phew)! So much, in fact, weddingphone's Audio Guestbooks will land their way in the lobby and VIP lounge for guests' and exhibitors to leave feedback on the show. 

Are we nervous about the show's 10,000 guests and Big Boys in the Wedding Business? You bet we are. So, if you see an Audio Guest Book, try it out. Leave us feedback. Swear that our Audio Guest Book's so amazing that you wish you could get married twice. Or not... but we know you'll be just as stoked as we are. 

Book tickets for The National Wedding Show at London Excel on the 15th and 16th of October 2022 here.

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And once you get to the UK's biggest wedding show, don't forget to pop over to Stand C25. Say hello to the smiling Wedding Phone attendees, Mark, Lucy, Daniel, Emma, Amanda, and Rachael.

Then pick up the phone and try us out. Picture all the adorable (and hilarious) opportunities it will bring to your wedding. You could even order one in blue. 

Wedding Phone @ The National Wedding Show, London Excel, October 15th – 16th 2022. Book your tickets now, use code "EXH25"