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Oct 05, 2022

Wedding Phone

weddingphone Audio Guestbooks Team Up with Videographers

"That is the most beautiful idea I've ever heard."


"I wish they were around when I got married!"


"I love the idea of listening back to voice messages through the same phone that was at my wedding."


Thanks to our collaborating wedding videographers, this is just some of the feedback weddingphone’s Audio Guestbooks have been getting lately.  


Weddings are where my heart lies when it comes to my career. I've been involved in hundreds of ceremonies over the years. And, every time, I want to find the final flourish or added touch that'll make the wedding magical. 


Hunting for the perfect wedding’s secret ingredient

This means I go about my job as if it's a science. I'll add something here, take something away there... anything I can do to help make the day flawless.


But something wasn’t quite right. The traditional wedding guest books were always good... but I realised they could be even better. 


I started looking into audio guest books (AGBs), and the current market opened my eyes. It wasn't an entirely new idea, but the concept had so much potential. I couldn’t let go of such a huge opportunity.


And so Wedding Phone was born

 I co-founded the company Wedding Phone earlier this year. It wasn't easy, but it's finally off the ground and ready to go. 


My co-founder and I soon teamed up with a team of videographers, and the collaboration has proved to be worth it a thousandfold.  

Wedding Phone put Audio Guest Books + Film to the test

Jay (Jay Gilmour Media) and Ben (ATS Film) jumped straight in, providing prototype AGB phones to upcoming brides and grooms. 


Once the newlyweds downloaded and sent the audio files, Jay and Ben put them over their wedding videos. The couples were delighted. 


Jay and Ben fast became great friends to me and everyone else at Wedding Phone. Thanks so much, guys. 

Jay and Ben said nice things about us

Of course, we eagerly asked Jay and Ben what they liked most about our Audio Guest Books


Jay said: 


"weddingphone's AGBs are invaluable. As a videographer, the guest book audio is a secret ingredient for every wedding video. I've noticed how it turns footage from lovely to truly special.


"The fun factor for guests makes it even better. No one wants to re-read their comment in a traditional guest book. But everyone clamoured to listen to their funny voice messages!"  

(Jay, Jay Gilmour Media) 


Send us a message 

So, there we have it - the great can be made even greater. Have your Wedding Phone Audio Guest Book put to film, and relive your happiest memories over and over. 


Contact us at to learn more about what we can offer. 


Or tell us how much you want a Wedding Phone AGB for your special day. We love those messages too.